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Citizens Panel Registration
By completing this from you are agreeing to receive surveys on local issues sent by Bedford Borough Council and for you information to be processed in accordance with the privacy notice at the bottom of each page. Should you wish to be removed from the panel you can email citizenspanel@bedford.gov.uk at any time.
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Citizens Panel Registration 2018
The following questions are not compulsory, and you are still welcome to join the panel if you choose not to answer them.
Gender (please tick one box only)
If female, are you currently pregnant? (please tick one box only)
Is your present gender the one you were assigned at birth? (please tick one box only)
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Citizens Panel Registration 2018
Do you have any of the following conditions? (please tick all that apply)
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Citizens Panel Registration 2018
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Data Protection Privacy Statement – Citizen's Panel In order to deliver services to the citizens and communities in Bedford Borough, it is necessary for the Council to collect, gather and process personal data about residents, staff and other individuals. Bedford Borough Council is committed to protecting your personal data when you use its services and/or correspond with it. The Council has registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office. This registration can be viewed on the ICO website https://ico.org.uk Registration Number Z5916725.As a Data Controller, the Council sets out the purposes and methods for processing information and ensures safeguards over any personal and special category information it processes. The sections below explain the arrangements we have in place to protect the information entrusted to the Council. In relation to Citizen's Panel Bedford Borough Council will process your personal data for the following processing purposes: Maintaining an up-to-date panel of resident willing to receive surveys and consultations on local issues. It is processing this personal data by virtue of the following Lawful Basis: Consent of the data subject. The processing of your personal data will be restricted in time to: We will retain information until somebody request that they are no longer included. Your personal data will be held by/for the Council within the UK or the EU. We record people's personal information for the purpose of ensuring the panel is representative and also to allow for analysis of the data by respondents characteristics. Please see details below in respect of any other reason we will be using your information: We have a range of measures to protect the personal data you provide. These include: cyber security; physical security of the Council’s buildings and training on Data Protection for staff. Bedford Borough Council is the Data Controller processing your information, who can be contacted as follows: Information Governance, Bedford Borough Council, Borough HallCauldwell Street Bedford MK42 9AP, Email: dpo@bedford.gov.uk Telephone: 01234 267422.The Council’s Data Protection Officer is the Chief Officer for Democratic and Registration Services, Keith Simmons who can be contacted by email: :dpo@bedford.gov.uk or using the address/telephone shown above for the Controller.If you wish to enquire about your rights as a data subject, whether you wish to request a copy of your own information that Bedford Borough Council holds, request for data portability; rectification or erasure of your data for any reason or objection to any processing, please contact the Council’s GDPR Data Protection Officer: Keith Simmons email: dpo@bedford.gov.uk. Alternatively if you are unhappy in the way Bedford Borough Council has handled the processing of your information in any way, you have the right to contact the UK’s Supervisory Authority: The Information Commissioner’s Office who can be contacted: By ebform:https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/email/ By email:casework@ico.org.uk or, By telephone: 0303 123 1113. Changes to this Notice. We keep this Privacy Notice under regular review and we will place any updates on its Internet site. This Notice was last updated in May 2018.